A couple in Hawaii camped out to warm up their tents in freezing weather

In Hawaii, the cold weather started as early as Sunday, when the National Weather Service issued a weather warning for the Pacific islands.

That followed two weeks of extreme cold, with temperatures dropping below freezing in some areas.

The cold weather has been blamed for the deaths of more than 100 people across the region, according to the Hawaii Department of Health.

More than 20,000 people have been told to take shelter in hotels and motels, the state said.

A couple who were camping out in Hawaii on Sunday found a hole in their tent to stay warm.

The man and woman told CNN affiliate KITV that they had already been sleeping on their porch for about three hours before the tent fell apart.

Hawaii State Police Lt.

Paul Dickey said the man and his wife had been camping in the area for about two weeks.

They found a small hole in the tent to be their temporary shelter.

The hole was the size of a small pocket, so the couple decided to build a makeshift fire to keep warm, Dickey told the station.

He said that they didn’t immediately realize they were camping in an area with a lot of ice and snow.

“I think they just thought it was a hole,” Dickey, a patrol officer, said.

The couple said that the couple had planned to stay at the campground but were instead planning to go to the beach to warm themselves up.

“They thought they were going to camp at a beach,” Diggins told KITv.

“They just decided to camp out there and hope the cold would cool them down.”

Dickey said that there was no indication that the man or woman were under the influence of drugs.

“We’re just going to be thankful for the shelter,” Dicky said.

“We’re not sure why this happened, but hopefully this is just a reminder to everyone to be prepared.”

The Hawaii Department the cold has made it a problem on the mainland, with the state expecting temperatures in the 40s to the mid-40s by Monday.


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