A little-known story of how a giant-killing tent was built inside a gas station

I have been thinking about a little-remembered story of the Gas Station and its inhabitants.

In the summer of 1995, a group of men from the small town of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, decided to have a fun summer vacation in the Hawaiian Gas Company’s Gas Station Tent.

A group of locals had come down to visit their friends, and so the men of the group, along with a few local women, decided that it would be fun to have an adventure.

A tent, a boat, and some supplies were all that the group needed for their adventure.

They rented a tent, and set out for Kailau.

When they arrived, it was pitch black outside.

They walked in the dark, and were met by the sight of a giant tent in the gas station’s front yard.

There was no electricity or running water in the tent, but they were prepared for any eventuality.

The tent was constructed of a two-story building, covered with white plastic and covered with an electric fence that was topped with a fence pole.

The electricity supply was provided by the company, which paid for the tent and the electricity itself, but the electricity and water were all paid for by the local community.

The campground was a total of six tents and three boats, which were rented for $35 per night.

This tent and boat were also rented for a price.

The campsite was divided into two parts, a small area that housed the sleeping area and the main tent, while a larger area was used for the living area and water storage.

The two parts were connected by a rope that led to the main cabin.

The cabin had two beds and a bathroom, and was divided by a small wooden bridge into two large spaces that were connected to the larger area.

The camping area was divided between the larger tent area and a small cabin.

A small tent was also set up in the main room of the main camp.

The main tent was filled with a fire pit and a stove that had a fire and a gas stove, along the walls of which were painted “Kailua.”

The campfire was set at night to keep the campfire warm.

A fire pit was also installed in the small tent area, which was filled up with charcoal.

The fire pit served as a hot tub.

A toilet and sink were also installed.

All of this was all provided by a local community member named Mike Pang, who was also the owner of the Kailoa Campground.

There were no electricity lines or running gas, but there was enough water for a couple of people to use a shower or wash their hair, and the campground had enough food to feed two people for a week.

The camp was a little more difficult to get in and out of.

There weren’t any picnic areas, so there were no picnic tables for guests to sit on.

A few of the tents were built into the sides of the gas pumps, and a couple more were constructed into the ground in the back of the camp, just above the gas tanks.

There were some small wooden steps that could be used to get into the camp.

Some of the campsites were surrounded by trees.

One of the people that came to visit the camp was Mark, who is also the man that owns the Gas Bar, and had the tent.

Mark had lived in Kailai for about six months when he first arrived.

He and his wife, Kim, had two daughters, and Mark and Kim were living in a small house, but Mark wanted to get away from his family.

Mark was also in the habit of getting into fights with his neighbors.

Mark’s neighbors were very hostile toward Mark, so Mark decided to set up his tent in their yard.

He told them that it was just a joke, and he was going to take advantage of it by shooting people in the face.

When he was done with his plans, he was surprised to find that he had set up a fire.

When Mark left, he had a few bucks in his pocket.

He left a note that he would return the money in a week, and left Mark with the note.

Mark was never able to return the cash, but he did get a letter back from the company.

The company said that they had no choice but to build the tent because it was necessary to keep their customers safe, but that it also had to do with the safety of the residents of the town.

A couple of years later, I went to the Gas Company to ask about the camp and campground, and they said that the gas was supplied by a private company called Pacific Gas.

I explained to them that I was interested in the campgrounds because I wanted to see what it was like.

They asked if I could go to the camp grounds, and I agreed to go.

It was a beautiful summer day, and there was


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