Camping tent cover may be a $100 bonus to your next trip

In a move to boost camping, camping tent cover companies are offering $100 bonuses to new customers.

The bonuses will apply to camping tent covers purchased online starting today and will be rolled out to the entire U.S. market, a company representative told Reuters. 

“The new camping tent design features a more streamlined look with a modern look that will give you the most protection from the elements,” the representative said in a statement.

“Customers are choosing to purchase a new camping product because of the new technology, which can reduce the amount of waste, reduce the need for energy and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” the company added. 

In addition to offering $50 in bonus cash for new customers, tent cover company Gizmo is offering a $1,000 cash bonus to anyone who orders a tent cover. 

The Gizmos tent covers are available in several different styles, including a standard and a full size.

The company is also offering the full size to customers who order at least two units, or five tents, and customers who buy five or more units, according to a blog post on the company’s website. 

Gizmo tent covers will not be available to those who purchase a tent in the first few weeks after the launch, the company said in the post. 

It’s not clear if the bonus is valid for the entire United States. 

Some companies are giving away free tents to people who order online and in-store, and they are also offering free camping gear and accessories to customers that order online, according the blog post.


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