Girls play tent, tents are a sign of peace, girls say

The tents that line the streets of the small town of Pueblo, Colorado, are the only signs of peace in the tiny community where the girls have been fighting for almost two decades.

But for the girls and the families that care for them, these tents represent a sign that their lives are more dangerous than ever.

“I can’t believe they keep it up,” said Sarah, who has been living with a mental illness for about 15 years.

“We need to get rid of it.”

Pueblo is a town of just more than 100 people, but the girls are fighting for their right to live and work in peace.

For the past two decades, Sarah and her sister, Leah, have lived in a tent with a makeshift kitchen and bathrooms, but it’s been a struggle for them to keep the tent running.

Sarah said they have tried to build their own tent, but they can’t afford to buy one.

They are using scraps from the local store to make their own.

“It’s been about $5 a month,” Leah said.

This is where we are now.

Sarah and Leah live on a $2,500 per month food stamp budget.

The girls say the tents, like many of the structures around Puebla, are a symbol of their struggle for peace and their community.

They said the tents are their safety and security.

“They’re just tents,” Sarah said.

“But that’s what we want to live in.

So when they’re gone, we’ll have a place to go.”

Sarah, a 23-year-old mother of four, said the idea for a tent came to her while she was in the hospital after a traumatic event.

Her parents had taken her to the hospital in order to check on her.

She had a severe case of Lyme disease, which meant she needed to be isolated for a week.

Afterward, Sarah said, her parents came home from work and she was alone in the house.

They brought her home to Pueblos tent and put her in there.

“I was a little bit scared, but I felt like I could be a little more independent, because I had the tent,” Sarah told NBC News.

Pelvic examination and blood work, as well as medical tests, proved Sarah was infected with Lyme disease.

She was hospitalized for six weeks and the girls said the camp was the only place they felt safe.

Sarah said they used to play together at the camp, but Leah said the girls would sometimes hang out in the tent, which was their safe place.

In the summer, Leah said, Sarah started having seizures.

When Sarah went to the doctor, the doctor told her Sarah was having a mental breakdown.

When Leah went to Puyallup, Washington, to visit her parents, the girls were too scared to go out alone in public.

So when Sarah returned to Puz, she took Leah to a tent where she slept.

Sarah was so upset, Leah told NBC, that she had to stay in the hotel room.

“When I was staying there, it was the safest place I could have been, but then she started freaking out,” Leah told the girls.

They decided to start building their own tents because the tents were too big.

While Sarah and the other girls were sleeping in the tents at the Pueblois Camp, the camp’s manager, Bobbie Miller, was on the phone.

She said that Miller had been hearing about a group of girls who had taken their tents to a camp in nearby Pueblowis.

Miller told NBC that she called the camp and asked them to take them there.

According to Miller, the boys agreed, but said the shelters were too small and the tents needed to go up.

Miller said she told the boys to come down and help.

“That was my way of telling them we didn’t have any choice,” Miller told the children.

Miller said that the boys were very respectful of the girls, but that Sarah started getting more aggressive.

Miller also said that Sarah was not happy when she was asked to move in with the girls in the camp.

“She was very upset that I had to do it,” Miller said.

Miller told NBC the girls wanted to move out of the camp in order for Sarah to live with her family.

“The way she treated me was terrible,” Sarah recalled.

But the girls insisted on staying in the camps tent, and Sarah said she didn’t want to leave the camp without permission.

Once Sarah got permission to move into the tent and she saw the boys sleeping there, she started to cry.

And when she got back to the camp the next morning, Sarah found that her tent was gone.

Then, the next day, Miller told Sarah that she was being kicked out of her camp because she was a danger to herself and others.

“What is wrong with you?”

Miller said


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