How ‘the tent city’ is growing in North Dakota

The growth of “the tent country” in North Carolina has surprised even those who live in it.

The tent city has taken hold in many places, from rural towns in western North Carolina to the city of Asheville, N.C., to the coastal town of Port Charlotte in South Carolina.

In the mountains of Western North Carolina, some have been living in tents for more than a decade.

For those who have lived in tents in the past, it’s not quite the same, said Brian Stapleton, who has been living on the streets of Port Cary since 2015.

It’s different from living on a farm in the country or even a trailer park in Canada.

It’s different to living on your own, but also in the city, Stapton said.

“In the tent country, you get your own community.

You get to know each other,” he said.

“You get to see your neighbors, your friends, and they’re all in the same tent.”

Stapleton and others have been trying to find ways to build a community of tents, and a place for those living in them to call home.

“The tent cities have a very different feel,” said Staplette, a local attorney and former city councilman.

“I think we’re in a place where we can really grow this into something bigger and better.”

The Tent City in Charlotte has a different feel from many tent cities.

Many of the tents have been made out of wood and canvas, Stacleton said.

There are also a few people in the tent city living on wheels, which are used for mobility.

Some have been on the move a couple of times, and some have moved a couple times, but most of the time they are living in the tents, Stalette said.

It’s not like a tent city, he said, but more of a city where people can stay and gather.

There’s also a strong sense of community and support among the people living in this community, Stadlin said.

“They’re all coming together and making a community out of this, which is really cool,” he added.

Stacleton is hopeful that with a few more people in this tent city than there were before, it will grow and evolve.

Asheville is one of the more established tent cities in North America, with over 100,000 people living there.

North Carolina has a long history of tents in its history, Stupleton said, and the growth of this tent country is a reminder of that.

He is also hopeful that North Carolina will become a major player in this industry.

While the growth in this country is very exciting, St. Paul, Minn., Mayor Andy Murray said he sees tent cities as a future for North Carolina.

“This is just one small step in the right direction, and we are looking forward to seeing the next big thing come out of the tent community,” Murray said in a statement.

We’re going to keep pushing and we’re going.


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