How to make a 4 man tent from 2 trailers

The trailer was designed to fit four people and was made to withstand a storm.

It was constructed using 2x4s, with a 4-foot-tall base and a 5-foot wide bed to accommodate two people.

The tent has a removable floor and has a metal roof.

The front doors open to a private area that is not attached to the roof.

In this photo, the 4 man shelter was being made in the field.

The base is made of 2x2s.

It is 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) and weighs about 8,000 lbs (4,000 kilograms).

The base has a large area to place sleeping bags.

There is a removable roof and a roof rack.

The roof rack is used to raise the tent when the roof is raised.

The top of the tent is made from 1×4 panels.

There are 3 sets of doors to the outside of the 4-person tent.

One door opens to a small private area where sleeping bags can be placed.

A second door leads to the inside of the shelter and the third door leads into the tent.

The bottom of the bottom of each tent has 2 mesh doors to keep the rain and mud out.

The floor is made up of 3×4 sheets and a 2×3 sheet bed frame.

The two-by-2 tent has an area to attach sleeping bags and a small kitchen.

The 2×1 tent is used as a bed, and is designed for people who are homeless or living in an RV.

It has a roof.


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