How to make a tent that’s as comfortable as a tent: Tent weights

In the past, tents would weigh a ton, weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and take up a whole lot of space in your home.

But thanks to a combination of innovation and the fact that the world is now a very different place, we can now make tents that are much lighter than they are heavy, and they’re just as effective.

To find out how, Polygon spoke with the guys behind the “worlds smallest” tent, the 5-person tent that will weigh under five pounds.

“The biggest issue in the world of tent camping is getting a lot of weight in a small space,” said Scott, who runs

“We can get away with a lot because the tent weighs so little, and it’s really hard to find a spot that is going to be comfortable and that won’t weigh down the entire space.

We want to be able to have a little bit of space for things that you’re carrying but that don’t weigh anything down, and we also want the space to be a little less bulky than it is now.”

The TentTents 5-Person Tent is lighter than you’d think It’s not that the 5.8-pound TentTants weighs much less than its competitors, but the 5,800-pound weight reduction doesn’t go far enough to help you find a tent you really like.

Scott explained that there are some design elements that work well with this type of weight reduction, but it’s a tradeoff between comfort and usability.

The biggest problem with the current size and weight of tents is that they are very heavy, said Scott.

You need to be careful about the amount of weight that you put on your shoulders, he said.

“In a traditional tent, you’re trying to get as much weight on your hips as possible.

You’re going to put more weight on the shoulder and on your chest, but not so much weight that it’s uncomfortable,” Scott said.

The best way to do that is to reduce the number of pieces of fabric that you use.

Scott suggested a simple solution.

“When we look at the fabric that we use, we have this constant idea of, ‘We’re going for this weight that we’re going with,'” Scott said, but in reality, the weight you put into your hips, chest, and shoulders is a combination between the weight of the fabric, the thickness of the fabrics, and the weight distribution.

For the TentTamps 5-Piece Tent, Scott’s solution was to make the front and back panels of the tent lighter.

He said the weight reduction helps you get in the way of the shoulder straps that you’ll need to tie down to a wall.

“It helps keep things like the straps on the back, which are the main attachment points for the straps, from being too heavy on the shoulders,” Scott explained.

“But it also makes things easier to get down.

I think the main thing that the tent has going for it is the design.

You have the ability to have two tents and be able split up your room, or you can have one tent with a single wall, and you can also have two walls with a wall that’s not the same size, or one wall with a different wall.

So the main advantage of the design is the ability for us to split up the space.”

Scott said he also used the 5×8 panel as a sort of “mesh” to keep the tent together.

You can fold and lay the tent flat on the ground and it can be used as a “bunk bed,” or it can also be used to sleep on top of.

“You can have the tent over one wall and the sleeping bag on the other side,” Scott added.

“And it just kind of lets you keep the space small and easy.”

The best part of the 5+-person TentTets design is that the fabric doesn’t have to be as thick as it is in other tents, Scott said and added that the weight reductions in his 5-piece tent are actually a big deal because you’ll still be able lay down a mattress underneath the fabric and not be able see the mattress underneath.

“I think it’s an amazing design, and that’s a big benefit,” Scott continued.

“That way, if I’m on a long hike and I want to sleep, I don’t have the option to put my sleeping bag down.

That’s one of the things that makes this design really appealing to me.”

The 5-ply tent design makes it easy to fold and use When Scott is designing a tent, he likes to take a look at all the design elements and try to see what’s working and what isn’t, said Michael, the co-founder of, a site that makes the tent designs you see here.

“There’s so many things that we can do, and this design is just a good example of what I


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