How to make your own outdoor tent: Costco tent from Costco

You can make your tent with cheap materials and an easy way to fix it up, or you can build it yourself.

The best way to do it is with a tent from your favorite Costco. 

Costco has an entire line of tents that you can rent for a limited time, and these are usually cheaper than the ones you can find at other stores.

Here’s how to make a tent with one of these.1. 

The tent you wantTo start with, go to Costco and buy a tent. 

If you want to make it more expensive, you can make a larger tent from the same model or go with a different tent from a different model. 

For this tent, I used the Costa tent 7 in this series.2. 

How much you need to buyThe cheapest Costco tent I could find had a base cost of $199.99. 

To make it cheaper, I needed to pay $79.99 for the base tent, $39.99 plus shipping, and $69.99 shipping for the tent itself. 

I used a tent that had a capacity of 12 people for this tent.3. 

What size tent to buyThis is where you will need to know how much room you will be needing. 

This is the largest tent I used. 

It is about 3 feet long and 6 feet wide, and I think the best way to determine the size is to measure it with a ruler. 

Here’s what I measured.4. 

Where do I get the tent? 

If the tent is $199, the closest Walmart store is about 10 minutes away. 

Otherwise, the closest Walmart can be about 5 minutes away, and you can go to Walmart and get a tent at a Walmart store for a few dollars less than the Costco tent.5. 

When will the tent arrive? 

When it is in stock, it will be in your door within two weeks. 

That’s if it comes in stock. 

However, it could be a few weeks.

You could get it at Walmart and it will take several days to arrive. 


Will I need to build the tent first? 

Not necessarily. 

You can build the tents as you normally would. 

But you will have to start from scratch. 


Is there anything I need or can’t do? 

You will have a choice of the tent, and each tent comes with two things. 

There are four sizes of the Tent for kids. 

All the tens come with a rainfly, which allows you to hang the tent on a wall or in the sun, or the tent can be put on a roof. 


Can I bring the tent with me? 

Yes, you can bring it with you. 


Does this tent work for other people? 

This tent does not work well with other people. 


Are there any downsides? 

The tension is high. 

Tens can be difficult to carry for a long time. 

Some people find it easier to build a larger version than a smaller one. 


Which tent should I buy? 

Here are my thoughts on which tent is the best for me.1 This was the best tend for me, as I wanted a tent I can easily pack and keep at all times. 

2 This has great weight distribution, which is ideal for long days. 

3 This could be good for people with arthritis, or for people who have a very narrow waist. 

4 The base is large enough that it is comfortable, and the price is reasonable. 

5 The size of the canopy is good for people who have small bodies. 

A large canopy will provide more ventilation, and a smaller canopy can be easier to move. 

More information on the canopies at Costco can be found here:

A small canopy is better for people who have very wide waists. 

Other information is available here:

A small tent is best for slightly small people. 

Also, there are similar costs on Tents. 

These are the Canopies I bought for my friends: Costo Tampons for Sensory Ear Hair


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