How to sleep on a car roof

I’ve been living in a car tent for the past few weeks, and it has been an absolute joy.

I’ve had some problems sleeping in my car, like the tent doesn’t fit my torso.

And I’ve noticed that my legs are starting to hurt, so I’ve put a lot of thought into putting my feet up in the car, too.

So far, it’s worked.

The tent is very comfortable.

And it’s a great way to spend a couple of nights if you want to take advantage of some of the best weather I’ve seen in California in years.

But there are a few downsides.

The first is the tent is made of soft, breathable material, and I’ve found it hard to breathe out the tent when it’s damp.

It’s also very hot in there.

The second is the bed is very small, and so is the window.

It is hard to open the tent to check the temperature.

But I have found the best way to sleep in it is to take my blankets off, and then lay them flat on the floor, and my feet are resting on the bed.

I just put my feet in the window and my head rests on the blanket.

The only downside is that the tent makes a bit of a mess when I put my foot up to put it in.

So it’s nice to have the windows open and not have to take off your shoes or socks to put them in.

If you want more tips on sleeping on a roof, read on!

First, what is a car?

It’s a very small vehicle that can carry more than 10 people, including the driver.

And unlike a regular tent, the driver can’t take it out of the garage or even outside.

This is especially true if you’re camping on the top of a mountain or something like that.

The problem is that a car can get pretty hot in the middle of the night, especially in hot California weather.

So a car with a roof can’t get very hot when you’re sleeping on it.

So instead, you have to put your feet in, or lay the blanket on top of the tent, so it can get a little cooler.

If the tent gets too hot, you can just put your legs on the outside and get a comfortable temperature.

In this case, it feels really good.

But the tent itself isn’t that nice.

It kind of feels like it’s been sitting in a freezer for years, with the legs on it, which is a little bit uncomfortable, and a little uncomfortable for me when I sleep on it at night.

So that’s not a good option.

So when you’ve got a car, you want something that’s comfortable, not like a car that has been sitting on the curb for years.

So, for me, I went with a tent that has a bed that is big enough to put my head on, but small enough that it can fit into a car trunk or some sort of space where I can put my blanket.

So now, when I’m camping, I don’t have to think about putting my head down to sleep.

I can just lie on my back and I can rest my head or I can go to sleep with my head up and my blanket on my head.

And then I can have a warm night’s sleep, or a cold night’s sleeping, in the tent.

But if I have to get out of it before dawn or when it gets very cold, I can use my blanket as a blanket, so that it will stay dry.

And when it rains or when the temperature drops a little, it will make it so that I can sleep on the side of the car.

And if the weather gets really hot in a tent, it can be uncomfortable to have to climb down into the tent and put my boots on, so you can get some extra protection for your feet.

And because the tent has a mattress underneath, you don’t need to put on any padding.

And you can wear a blanket with your pants if you don.

So you can have fun sleeping in a nice tent, even if it’s not super comfortable.

But again, I think that’s really up to you.

I think you have a choice.

If there’s a tent you want, the one with the bed and the tent can fit you.

And the one without a bed and tent can also fit you, though it’s much less comfortable.

So if you have more than one person in the caravan, you might want to choose the tent with the mattress underneath.

And again, you’re not necessarily going to need a mattress for the bed or for the tent—it might just make sense.

The best thing about the tent you’re going to find in a caravan is that it has a great place to sleep if you are sleeping on the roof or on the ground floor.

And there are plenty of places to sleep that way, too—there are a couple places that are open all year round.

There are even


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