How to stay safe on your tent and camping trip: Tent safety

The Washington State Patrol has launched a “safety tent” campaign aimed at deterring campers from using dangerous items, including metal poles and metal sheets.

The initiative, which will begin Wednesday, is being overseen by Lt.


Gavin Newsom, who is spearheading the effort.

The patrol is also encouraging campers to bring their own food.

The campaign, which is open to the public, will be limited to tents with at least four people inside.

The tent will also have metal detectors.

“This will be a safety tent for those camping in the outdoors,” Newsom said.

“We want to encourage folks to do the right thing and bring a tent or other shelter to camp.

It’s going to be an easy, safe, and productive experience.”

Tent poles will be prohibited in the tents and the campground will have metal poles on its perimeter, and the poles will have a diameter of at least 2 inches.

Campers are encouraged to wear full-face protection and wear eye and ear protection.

The campground and outdoor area will be separated by a metal fence, and campers will be asked to leave the fence when it is used for a campfire.

There will be no outdoor food or water sources.

The goal is to make the outdoor experience safer and more comfortable for everyone, said Trooper Joe Cammack.

Tent poles, metal sheets and metal poles will not be allowed in the campgrounds.

They will be monitored closely by the patrol and inspected periodically by a team of inspectors.

Camping tent poles will no longer be allowed on the grounds of the Washington State Capitol, although there will be restrictions on camping there, according to the patrol.

The state patrol will conduct outreach to the outdoor community to ensure that people know that there are safe camping practices and that they will not find themselves in a situation like this.

The Washington Department of Transportation, which runs the state’s roads, bridges and airports, is also launching a similar safety tent campaign, in partnership with the Washington National Guard.


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