How to turn your car into a self-driving truck

The new version of the truck-truck app, Napier Truck, has gone from a concept to a full-fledged product.

While its name is a bit misleading, this self-parking system is really a selfdriving truck.

Napier is one of many truck companies building on self-drive technology.

Napiers current self-driven truck has a total of two passengers, two cargo seats, and an optional self-loading ramp.

The truck can carry two passengers in the front and two passengers on the back.

It’s designed to travel up to 20 mph in the city and 35 mph in rural areas.

Napies system uses software to detect the truck’s location, calculate the right amount of speed, and then apply the brakes.

Napiest truck can also be fully autonomous when it’s parked.

The system takes a picture of a map and tells the driver where the next truck will be.

It then sends a map with a list of nearby trucks, the next available spot, and the speed limit.

The driver is responsible for taking care of the vehicle when the vehicle is fully autonomous.

Napieys software has been around for more than a decade, and is already used by some major truck companies.

It has also been used to operate commercial vehicles, but that’s not what Napier did with its system.

“We’ve never focused on commercial trucks, we’ve never driven them,” says Justin Dominguez, the founder and CEO of Napier.

“Instead, we focused on making the system as accessible as possible for drivers and passengers to use.”

Napier says its software can work on most vehicles.

The company also claims that its software will be the most secure of all the self-propelled systems out there.

The technology will be deployed in the US and Europe, but it will also be used in Asia, Africa, and South America.

The only downside to this self drive is that Napier can’t drive it with its software.

Domingue says the company will be using a different software to run the system.

Domes software will use the data of the sensor on the truck and use it to calculate the speed and lane the driver is most comfortable with.

This software is the same software that powers the Tesla Autopilot system.

Napiness is hoping to get more truckers to use its software, and Domingues hope that its self-powered system will be able to do that as well.

Naplier Truck, which will be available this fall, is already available on the Google Play Store.

If you’re interested in the system, you can sign up for an invite for a beta program.

Doms is hoping that Napiers software will allow drivers to safely operate their trucks.

“If we get the feedback we need from our users, we will roll out the beta software for commercial trucks,” Dominguos CEO says.

You can download the Napier self-directed system for Android or iOS.


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