Kids’ indoor tent rental: Rental rates can go up

Kids are being priced out of the outdoor tent market as well.

The price of outdoor tents has skyrocketed in recent years, according to a report from RentHop, an online rental site.

The price of indoor tents, on the other hand, has remained relatively flat. 

A tent rental firm said that prices are going up at a faster pace than indoor tents due to the popularity of these types of tent rentals.

“With the advent of these outdoor tents, the costs of renting and maintaining them have skyrocketed and this is now impacting rental rates for outdoor tents,” RentHop said in a statement.

“This is happening at a much faster rate than indoor tent rentals, which is a concern as outdoor tents have a higher rate of rental turnover than indoor ones.”

“If a company is selling a tent and doesn’t have the inventory to rent it out for a long time, they can quickly start charging a higher rent than they would have been if they had an inventory of the same size,” the firm said.

“They’re charging $600 per day per tent versus $200 per day for an average-sized indoor tent.”

“The trend is very obvious, especially in the outdoor space, and is impacting all of the industry,” RentHopp added.

The report says that the cost of renting an indoor tent has doubled in the past few years, with prices going up from $60 to $160 per day. 

“In the past five years, indoor tents have increased in cost by approximately 60 percent, and it’s going to continue to rise as the number of outdoor tent rentals continues to increase,” RentHoop added.

“While indoor tents are a great option for families with children, they’re not as affordable as outdoor,” the report said.

RentHop has estimated that the average cost of a tent rental for a family of four is $1,400 per day, and the company said that this will rise to $2,400 over the next few years.

However, a new report from The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that tent prices are up for all types of households.

The NAR report found that prices for tent rentals in cities with more than 2,000 households rose by 30 percent in the last six months.NAR found that the median monthly rent for an outdoor tent rental was $1.5 million in the six months ended in March.

That is up about 60 percent from the year before, when NAR found average rent for outdoor tent renters was $2.6 million.

The report found a sharp drop in average rent over the same period for all households.

As the cost per tent goes up, the cost goes down for all other types of renters.

In the last year, NAR estimated that all types in households spent $1 million more per year on rental costs than they did in 2012.

Nars report shows that the rise in the cost to rent an outdoor unit has also been a factor in the decline in the number people renting the outdoor tents.

According to the report, the number who rented an outdoor space declined from 6.2 million to 5.7 million.

“There’s definitely a disconnect between the people renting these types and the people that are buying them,” NAR chief economist Chris Chalk said in the report.

“The average price of a family tent is going up while the price of an indoor unit has declined.” 

“The rise in price of tent rental has impacted the number that are choosing to rent these types,” Chalk added.

“We’re not seeing people buying these types in the marketplace.” 

The report also found that a lot of the price difference between outdoor and indoor tent prices can be attributed to changes in the design of the tents.

“The cost of outdoor camping is much more affordable than indoor camping,” Chark said.


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