New tent technology from 3DMAX

Next Big Futures is pleased to announce that it has partnered with 3DMax to bring the industry’s newest growth tenting technology to the consumer market.

3D MAX’s Grow Tenting Technology is the latest in 3D-printed tenting and allows for the ultimate in performance, durability and comfort.

The 3D Max Grow Tent is designed for those seeking the ultimate, indoor performance.

In order to create a high-performance tent that is flexible and durable, the Grow Tent’s 3D design is optimized for maximum performance and durability.

3DTent technology will also be available in our next 3Dmax Grow Tent.

The 3D max Grow Tent combines 3D printing technology and high performance, light weight, and flexible materials in an engineered, rigid, and strong design that will allow users to build a tent that will not only perform, but last.

The technology is optimized with high performance to provide maximum performance with maximum durability.

The tent can be installed with multiple people, allowing for the installation of multiple people in a single tent.

3DPent technology allows users to use a single layer of material for the tent, which allows the design to function better when combined with other materials.

3DRent technology is a technology designed to reduce the need for multiple layers of fabric in a tent, allowing the tent to function even when you have a large group of people.

The design is designed to be lightweight for maximum weight and durability, and will allow for optimal use with a wide variety of different materials and materials.3DMAX Grow Tent will be available for purchase beginning February 18, 2018 and will be offered in four sizes.

The size that will be the most popular for the consumer is the 3DPen tent, but we also offer a standard tent that can be used for people who are looking for the maximum tent that works for them.

The standard tent will cost $1,799 and the Grow tent will start at $1.1,999.

3DLent tents are available for $1 and 3DRen tents for $2.3.33We will be working with 3DSystems to provide more information as it becomes available.

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


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