The car tent tent in the woods, with a new owner

The car tents of Carpet Warehouse’s tent site at the end of the woods near the entrance to the Big Bend National Park are now in their new home.

The tent, which has been in the family since its introduction in 2002, was the subject of a national TV program and the movie “The Tent,” according to the tent’s new owner, a car dealership called Big Bend Carpentry.

The original tent was the size of a car trunk, with its legs and roof attached to the floor.

When it was first built, the tent had four people in it.

The car tent, built in the 1930s and sold in the 1970s, was a little smaller, with four people.

The tent’s design was inspired by a German carmaker, but it had a more streamlined look.

The new tent is bigger, with two people and four seats.

It was built in 2007, and the tent is now in the collection of the National Park Service.

It is being restored to its original dimensions and will be available in 2019, according to a statement on the tent.

The new owner of the tent, a dealership called “Big Bend Carpet” in Oregon, purchased it in 2017.

The carpenter who built it is still working on the repairs.

Carpentry, which makes car tents and other car camping equipment, is based in California.

The company makes tent and car parts, including tent tarps, tents for camping and more.


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