The most popular places to live in Australia: Which city’s tent tent is the best?

The most commonly used tent on the streets of Melbourne is a tent, the most popular of the many shelters.

But tent camping has changed since the late 1800s, with tents now appearing in parks, parks and even residential areas, according to data compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Here are the top 10 tents in Australia.


Sydney’s The Spruce Tree, $1,100.

Photo: Jason South A modern tent has become a symbol of Australian culture, with it often depicted on popular Australian TV shows.

It is the most common style of tent, and its popularity is largely based on its simplicity, said David Linton, director of the Centre for Housing and Urban Research at Monash University.

”It’s a bit like camping in the woods.

There’s a lot of different tent designs, and I think it’s because of the simplicity of the design that people like it,” Mr Linton said.

”A lot of people have no idea what a tent is, and so they’ll go out and try and find one that fits them and makes them feel comfortable.

”People are very curious and curious about the tents that are out there, and they can just go out into the bush and find tents that they like.”

In a survey of 1,000 tent-camping Australians in 2017, Mr Littons research found that the most used tent is also the most affordable, with a maximum price of $1.90 per night for a one-person tent.


Perth’s Big Tent, $2,500.

Photo : Supplied It’s not uncommon to see tent camping in parks and in residential areas.

Photo courtesy of Big Tent Perth 3.

Adelaide’s Camping Station, $3,000.

Photo via the City of Adelaide website.


Brisbane’s Brisbane Campground, $4,000 (including air mattress, water supply and stove).


Melbourne’s Brisbane Park, $5,500 (includes air mattress and water supply).


Perth Camping, $6,000(including air mattresses, firewood and firewood utensils).


Sydney City Park, NSW, $8,500(including two fireplaces).


Melbourne Park, Sydney, $9,000 ($1,500 air mattress).


Adelaide City Park (South), SA, $10,000 10.

Melbourne City Park Central, SA, $$15,000 10.

Adelaide Park, South Australia, $15,500 The tent market is still a small one in Australia, but the number of tents has expanded significantly in recent years.

In 2018, there were 1.6 million tents and tents were sold in Australia (more than two million in a single year), up from 1.3 million tents in 2014.

The popularity of the tent has increased in recent decades, with more people moving into the city, particularly in Sydney.

The average house in Sydney is one of the largest in Australia with about 4,200 square metres (1,400 sq ft) of land, according a 2017 survey by Sydney Morning Herald.

This means it is possible to buy a one bedroom flat with two tents, and even a two-bedroom house with one tent.

”You can have a two bedroom house, a one bed house, you could even have a three bedroom house,” Mr Branscombe said.

However, he said the more traditional tent is still the most widely used, and is not for everyone.

”The tent is an easy way to get into a city, a city with lots of people and a lot to see, but it’s not the ideal way to camp for a long time, because you can get cold feet from time to time,” Mr Banscombe.

”So people want a tent that is lightweight and easy to use.” 

Top 10 tent sizes in Australia The most common tent sizes are the standard three- and four-person, two- and three-bedroom tents, with the four- and five-person tents considered to be the most luxurious.

The tent sizes range from five to 12 metres (19-39ft) long, with many of the smaller tents being used for smaller people.

It is also possible to use smaller tents to stay warm during winter.


The standard three tent: The five- and six-person.

Photo by: Big Tent Sydney The standard tent is popular among people who need to camp longer than six months, and the tents are often larger than standard four-man tents.


The four- or five- person: The two- or three-person Tent.

Photo provided by Big Tent Melbourne 7.

The two or three tent for a couple: The one tent for two people.

Photo supplied by Big Tree Melbourne 8.

The one- person tent for one person: A three-man tent.

Photo sourced by BigTree Melbourne


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