The tent that made ‘Titanic’ look like a dream

People have been making tent movies since before the advent of movie cameras, but this tent trailer from the 1970s and 80s is a real outlier.

It’s actually the only trailer in existence that shows the Titanic as it looks on the ocean floor.

That trailer, created by the filmmakers of the short film The Big Red One, showed the ship sinking in the Atlantic.

The filmmakers thought it would be a great idea to have the ship get stuck in the ocean for a few hours and make a film.

They had already shot several short films in the same way, and it would have been a very different experience if the ship were sinking, the film notes.

But the Titanic was so big and the crew so small that the filmmakers couldn’t think of a better way to film it.

They instead shot the ship in a shallow water trench, and then rigged it with a series of buoyant nets to lift it back to the surface.

The film’s director, Steve Schoonmaker, said in a press release that they shot the entire journey with just one camera and a single lens.

They didn’t use any special equipment.

The Titanic is seen in this 1920s trailer from The Big Green One.

A couple years after Titanic premiered, Schoonmakers wife, who is also a director, went into business for a different company, The Schoonman Company.

They released The Big One in the 1930s, but the film went largely unnoticed until Schoon-makers son-in-law took the helm in the mid-1990s, producing Titanic-themed movies like The Last Stand and The Searchers.

It took him a while to catch on, but he got the idea to make a similar trailer for the Titanic in 1991, with the same crew.

The crew was never seen again, but Titanic has become a household name, and even today, it is still shown on the Titanic Memorial Wall at the ship’s resting place in Southampton.

Titanic was a huge hit for Titanic Pictures in the late 1970s, thanks to its slick trailers and the fact that it was a popular movie.

It grossed $8.4 billion at the box office in 1973, and earned more than $40 million at the worldwide box office.

Titanic: The Complete Story, which is the latest in the franchise, has a total of 14 films.

There’s also an alternate ending to the original film, called The Titanic Strikes Back, that also has a big impact on the movie’s reception.


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