What to know about the tent sale, tent rentals and garden equipment in Melbourne’s CBD

With summer now well and truly here, the summer sale has begun and, as with the sale itself, it has been dominated by tents, tents, more tents.

While the prices have dropped, some of the tent rental options are starting to drop too.

There is a huge difference between buying a tent and renting one, with the difference between renting a tent for a year and renting a unit for two months.

You can rent a tent or buy one for $250, or you can rent one for up to $1,000 and rent it for up and up.

While you can also rent a whole tent for $5,000 a year, there are some differences in terms of how much you can actually rent.

The best tent rentals in Melbourne The cheapest tent rental in Melbourne is the 20×30, which is for $2,250 a month.

If you live in the CBD and are renting a house, you might want to get a 20×60 tent, but you’ll be spending about $500 a year on it, and that’s if you have any space in your house at all.

You also need to consider the amount of space you have in your home.

If your house is small, the 20 x60 is not ideal, but if it’s a lot bigger, you’ll have a bigger budget and a better chance of finding space.

The cheapest option is a 20 x40, which costs about $1.25 a day for two people.

That’s the same price as the 20×40, but with a smaller footprint and with a shorter distance between your two beds.

It’s also the cheapest option if you live outside of Melbourne, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to rent one.

If, on the other hand, you want to live in a large city or suburb, a 20×30 is the way to go.

This is a great option for the people who live in Melbourne, and there are many more options, but a 20-foot tent is a good starting point.

If a 20ft tent is not available, you can look for a larger tent, like the 40×80, which will cost about $4,000.

The biggest option for rent-a-shelter The biggest tent rental for a city or town is a 40×50, which can be a great choice for a small family with a few rooms.

If the size of your house depends on how big your bedroom is, then a 20 foot tent is your best bet, as it’s the smallest.

A 20 foot is also the best option if the family has large bedrooms, as the smaller size will mean they won’t have to sleep in the same room as you.

The other option for a family is a 50 x80 tent, which would be the same size as a 20 feet.

The price difference is significant, and the best way to know what you can expect is to look at the size comparison chart below.

You’ll notice that there are more options available.

There are more tents available in Melbourne than there are rooms in houses, and this can be because the average price of a house is higher than the average rent for a tent, so the rent is much higher than for a home.

For the same home, the cheapest house in Melbourne will cost around $1m, while the cheapest 20 foot would cost around the same amount.

This makes it easy to compare the options.

If there are lots of tents in your area, it’s probably worth looking at other options.

The same is true for the average house price, and it’s not uncommon for people to have to look beyond the standard 20-feet and 50-feet to find a cheaper option.

A good example of this is the 40-foot and 60-feet tents.

The average house in the Melbourne CBD is around $4.2m, but people who are looking to save a bit can look at a 20 ft tent, for example.

The 40-feet is also an excellent choice if you are looking for a smaller room in your own house, and you can find that on the cheapest available house.

Another example of a cheaper alternative to a larger room is a 30-foot.

If this is your budget, you may be able to find more room for your rent.

This isn’t necessarily the case with bigger rooms, though.

The cost difference for the cheapest room in the city is only around $2.5m, and for the most expensive house in town, the average home price is $6.6m.

This means a 20 square foot room is cheaper than a 40 square foot one.

It also means that a 40-square foot room would cost $1 million, or $2 million per month, compared to $2million for a 40 foot.

The next option for people who want to save on rent is to rent out their home as


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