When to put the car away? – The red tent

The red tents on the road in the middle of the night could be the only warning sign of the deadly outbreak.

A number of these were set up to help people stay warm in the face of the blizzard.

“I was walking along the road on Saturday night and there was a group of people with tents out there,” said Mark Crampton, who lives in the area.

Mr Cramton said he had noticed people wearing the tents for a number of days, and he said the first time he had seen a tent he thought it was an advertisement.

He said he could see the tent in the distance from his house and thought he might have seen it from the road.

But Mr Cramleton said he quickly noticed that the tent was not in the way and that it was just a “tent for warmth”.

“When I got back home on Sunday night, I noticed that they were still there,” he said.

“It’s not that I’ve seen a huge number of them but it’s something that I noticed and I saw it on my way back.”‘

They’re just people’The NSW Health Department says it is too early to tell how many people have died from the outbreak, but it has confirmed the number of people infected with EV-D68 in the state to be at least 100,000.

Inspector Andrew O’Brien said the state had not received any cases of EV-DS68 from the people who have contracted it, but said it was the most prevalent strain of the virus in NSW.

“We are aware that there have been some deaths, so we’re working closely with local authorities and our contracted laboratories to make sure that as many people as possible are tested as quickly as possible,” he told the ABC.

“But there’s also no indication that we’ve got any more cases that are coming in.”

Dr Crampell said the numbers of people contracting the virus were likely to increase as the blizzards get longer.

“If there’s a really long blizzard, then we’ll see the numbers increase as well,” he explained.

“And we’ll also see the number that are infected go down.”

Mr O’Brien said there was currently no indication whether or not the outbreak was linked to the coronavirus.

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